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Master thesis

The Master Thesis is an important part of the Master of Science in Behaviour Evolution and Conservation. Not only because it represents half of the credits of this cursus (= 45 ECTS credits), but also because it is the top point of the Master. It offers the students to work directly in the performant lab groups in optimal conditions. There they can be confronted to top research in domains where the knowledge is at its limit and to investigate new fields of research. 

Choice of First-Step project and Masters thesis

The choice of a topic for the First-Step project is made by the student from a database set up by the School of Biology. Registration for the First-Step project is open during the first two weeks at the beginning of the semester, and students make their choice among the subjects offered by the tutors.

The choice of a topic for the students Masters thesis is also performed from the database set up by the School of Biology. The database is open for consultation from the beginning of the semester until late October. During this period, students have the opportunity to contact and visit different host laboratories.

Attention: the First-Step project and the Masters thesis must be undertaken in two different laboratories.

The registration period for the Masters thesis is open from late October to mid-November. Students must indicate three topics for their Masters thesis, in order of preference. The School of Biology - in agreement with the Director of the Masters thesis and tutors of selected projects subsequently assign topics to students until the 30th November.

Note that is possible to propose a subject for a Masters thesis outside of the University of Lausanne. For this the student must submit a folder to the School of Biology by October 30th.


The Master Thesis which have been achieved each year in the Master of Science in Medical Biology are kept in the Library of Biology of the UNIL. 


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