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Summer Undergraduate Research (SUR) Programme

From July 3rd to August 26th, 2014

2014 Participants

   Waad Albawardi
Sarah Arthur
Chi Wai Chan
Marianne Clemence
Constantinos Constantidines
Rachel Crosby
Alexandra Duque
Elgin Gulpinar
Duygu Karademir
Sarah Lensch
Ivan Mikičić
Anastasia Morozova
Adil Muneer
Ruadhan O Laoi
Sarkar Prithwijit
Mark Szenteczki
Yan Tong


Vue aérienne du campus

Few entering university students have had significant experience with research into the unknown. Initial university courses provide descriptions of fundamental processes that are well established, indeed “in the textbooks”. The first opportunity to do research at the edge of the unknown can be a life changing experience that is remembered for the rest of one’s life. The school of Biology of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine at the University of Lausanne proposes a Summer Undergraduate Research (SUR) Programme for the uninitiated to obtain that first experience.

This programme will host 20 Bachelor (first university degree) students with both biological and medical studies background from around the world (including 1-2 from Lausanne) for an 8-week sojourn. Each participant will perform an individual research project in a different laboratory of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine. This programme aims to attract outstanding motivated students from near and far for a research experience that will remain with them for their lifetimes.



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Brochure SUR 2013

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