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Host Laboratories

Listed below are links to potential host laboratories for the SUR Programme, from the UNIL Faculty of Biology and Medicine. In your application, we ask that you list three specific lab head names (and not a departmental name). You are also welcome to name laboratories not listed, but which are found in the participating departments.

Section of Fundamental Sciences

Biotechnology Institute

Nicolas Mermod

Center for Integrative Genomics

Richard Benton
Vincent Dion
Christian Fankhauser
Paul Franken
David Gatfield
Fisun Hamaratoglu
Winship Herr 
Liliane Michalik
Alexandre Reymond

Department of Biochemistry

Greta Guarda
Fabio Martinon
Pascal Schneider
Fabienne Tacchini-Cottier

Department of Plant Molecular Biology
Ted Farmer
Niko Geldner 
Pierre Goloubinoff
Christian Hardtke

Department of Ecology and Evolution

Nadir Alvarez
Pierre Bize
Michel Chapuisat
Thomas Flatt
Tadeusz J. Kawecki
Laurent Keller 
John Pannell
Marc Robinson Rechavi
Alexandre Roulin
Nicolas Salamin 
Ian Sanders 
Tanja Schwander
Séverine Vuilleumier

Department of Fundamental Microbiology

Philipp Engel
Sophie Martin
Jan van der Meer
Serge Pelet

Department of Fundamental Neurosciences

Isabelle Décosterd
Dirk Fasshauer
Nicolas Toni
Andrea Volterra

Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Olivier Bonny
Marie-Christine Broillet
Vladimir Katanaev
Stephan Kellenberger
Olivier Staub

Department of Physiology

Luc Pellerin  
Christian Widmann

Section of Clinical Sciences

Institute of Microbiology 

Dominique Sanglard

Department of Pathology

Ivan Stamenkovic

Department of Surgical Research

Yann Barrandon

Infectious Diseases Service

Thierry Calandra
Thierry Roger

Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Renaud Du Pasquier

Department of Pneumology

Benjamin Marsland

Division of Experimental Oncology

Tatiana Petrova

Laboratory of Rheumatology Unit

Alexander So

Laboratory for Investigative Neurophysiology (The LINE)

Eveline Geiser
Micah M. Murray

Neuroimaging Research Laboratory

Bogdan Draganski
Ferath Kherif

Research & Development Unit

Niels Lion


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