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Course of studies of the Master of Science in Medical Biology

The structure and content of the studies


The first semester of the Master of Science in Medical Biology consists of an introduction to human biology in its broadest sense. The courses tackle fundamental cellular functions and systems of signal transduction within and between cells, as well as normal and pathological workings of the main systems of the human organism. Furthermore, it is possible to acquire a certificate for research on animals, or to follow a module in clinical research.


In the second semester students choose a field of specialisation among the four offered by the Master: Immunology and Cancer, Metabolism, Neurosciences, and Pharmacological Sciences. The courses in these fields allow the students to gain resources and specific knowledge in their chosen field. Concurrently, students integrate into one of the research groups associated with the Master degree and start their personal research work (Master thesis).


The third semester is dedicated to the completion of the Master thesis.



The plan of study of the Master in Medical Biology

Below are the courses relevant to the course of study for the Master of Science in Medical Biology

Plan of study of the Master of Science in Medical Biology 

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