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2011 SUR Programme

Class of 2011

Picture: Felix Imhof

First row: Luc Lebon, Connie Shi, Farkhod Yunusov

Second row: Kristina Kuznetsova, Ahmad Alsalman, Valentin Schmutz

Third row: Anna Nguyen, Johanne Boulat, Paulina Poskaite

Fourth row: Mezida Bedru Saeed, Anne-Mieke Bishop, Kirsty McInnes

Fifth row: Jovana Plavsa, Inna Tokar, Addison Martin, Luis Alejandro Gonzalez Blazquez

Sixth row: Gabriel Vinicius de Almeida, Abarna Ramanathan, Sun Chao

Missing: Teresa Galera


2011 scholars

Name  University  Where are they now? 
ALSALMAN Ahmad  Cairo University, Egypt   
BEDRU SAEED Mezida  University of Manchester, UK  PhD student, University of Manchester, UK 
BISHOP Anna-Mieke  National University of Ireland   
BOULAT Johanne  University of California, Davis, USA   
De Almeida Gabriel Vinicius  University of Campinas, Brazil   
GALERA Teresa  University of Granada, Spain  PhD student in Rafael Garesse lab, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain 
GONZALEZ BLAZQUEZ Luis Alejandro  University of Madrid, Spain   
KUZNETZOVA Kristina  National Avation University, Ukrainia  Internship at Shanghai Humtech Company 
LEBON Luc  University of Lausanne, Switzerland  PhD student in molecular life sciences at the EPFL 
MARTIN Addison  Eastern University, USA   
McINNES Kirsty  University of Glasgow, Scotland   
NGUYEN Anna  Loyola University Maryland, USA  U.S. student fulbright fellow in Dr. Ivan Stamenkovic's lab of Experimental Pathology, CHUV, Lausanne 
PLAVSA Jovana  University of Novi Sad, Serbia   
POSKAITE Paulina  Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Lithuania  5th year of medecine, Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria 
RAMANATHAN Abarna  University of Cambridge, UK   
SCHMUTZ Valentin  University of Lausanne, Switzerland  Interniship (6 year), medical student, CHUV, Lausanne, Switzerland 
CONNIE Shi  University of Michigan, USA  First year, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA 
SUN Chao  Nanjing University, China  PhD student, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Cornell University, USA 
TOKAR Inna  Kharkiv National Medical University, Ukrainia   
YUNUSOV Farkhod  Tashkent Medical Academy, Uzbekistan   



Anna Nguyen, Loyola University, Maryland, USA
Words cannot capture how thankful I am for having had the opportunity to participate in this programme. When I received the acceptance e-mail, I remember replying and saying it was a dream come true, but after these 8 weeks in Lausanne, I can sincerely say that the experience has exceeded any dream I could have ever imagined before! It has truly been a moving and motivating experience to attend the weekly seminars and to receive encouragement from such highly accomplished scientists who are so passionate about research and discovery. My time spent in the lab has also been nothing short of amazing as I was paired with an amazingly supportive mentor who guided me along the roller coaster ride of research.

And of course, I will never, ever forget the friends that I have made during my time in the SUR Programme. This summer has introduced me to such a loving group of talented scientists who come from all corners of this world. Over these two short months, I feel like I've been able to embrace so many cultures and develop a second family. The discoveries and friendships formed throughout this programme just go to show how positive, valuable, and essential cross-cultural communication is as we advance into the future.

I could go on forever about how much I've enjoyed my time with UNIL, but I would like to end this message by thanking you all for your hospitality: for welcoming me into your programme, Switzerland, and even your home (for an amazing barbecue, by the way!!). As cliche as it may sound, this summer has been a truly positive, life-shaping experience thanks to all your hard work. I wish every student could receive the type of support that I've had encountered in these past two months.Bye for now and keep in touch!

Jovana Plavša, University of Novi Sad, Serbia
(on the EPFL / UNIL alpine hike)
I am very glad and very proud of being part of the SUR Programme and family :-)
Beside of science (which was very productive and up-to-date with everything) I met great group of people, as other students as me, but also you all there!
I wish you all the best in future and just be so great as you were when 2011-group was there!

Paulina Poskaite, Lithunian University of health Sciences
SUR programme in Lausanne is truly once in a lifetime opportunity. The summer experience of studying, working in a lab and having fun with fellow students from around the world is really unforgettable

Connie Shi, University of Michigan, USA
I had a really great two months here in Lausanne learning both inside and outside the lab. I feel extremely fortunate to have been a part of the program this summer and had the opportunity to learn new techniques in a different area of research. If future SUR applicants ever have any questions about the program, I'd be happy to talk about the experience.

Luc Lebon, UNIL, Switzerland
What a pleasure to see the photos of the programme on the website of the School of Biology. Thank you very much. So many good memories of this absolutely amazing programme! I believe that all participants agree that it was the most beautiful summer of them all!"


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