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  • You have first to choose at least one laboratory (three max.), see below,
  • Contact thesis directors of interest and if they appreciate your CV, ask them to send you a confirmation by email that he/she agrees to act as your potential thesis director,
  • You should mention his/her name in your application form (see STEP 2 to continue your application).


Laboratories  Thesis Directors 
Anesthesiology Decosterd Isabelle
Biochemistry Dotto Gian Paolo
Biochemistry Broz Petr
Biochemistry Luther Sanjiv
Biochemistry Martinon Fabio
Biochemistry Tacchini-Cottier Fabienne
Biochemistry Thome Miazza Margot
Cardiology Pedrazzini Thierry
Center for Integrative Genomics Benton Richard
Center for Integrative Genomics Franken Paul
Center for Integrative Genomics Gambetta Maria Cristina
Center for Integrative Genomics Gatfield David
Center for Integrative Genomics Michalik Liliane
Center for Integrative Genomics Reymond Alexandre
Center for Integrative Genomics Van Leeuwen Jolanda
Clinical Neurosciences Déglon Nicole
Clinical Neurosciences Draganski Bogdan
Clinical Neurosciences Hegi Monika
Clinical Neurosciences Kherif Ferath
Clinical Pharmacology Buclin Thierry
Clinical Pharmacology Décosterd Laurent
Computational Biology Delaneau Olivier
Computational Biology Bergmann Sven
Computational Biology Christophe Dessimoz
Computational Biology Ciriello Giovanni
Computational Biology Malaspinas Anna
Computational Biology Rivolta Carlo
Computational Biology Robinson Matthew
Computational Biology Salamin Nicolas




Laboratories  Thesis Directors 
Dermatology and Venereology Hohl Daniel
Ecology and Evolution Arguello Roman
Ecology and Evolution Chapuisat Michel
Ecology and Evolution Christe Philippe
Ecology and Evolution Guisan Antoine
Ecology and Evolution Keller Laurent
Ecology and Evolution  Pannell John
Ecology and Evolution Robinson-Rechavi Marc
Ecology and Evolution Roulin Alexandre
Ecology and Evolution Sanders Ian
Ecology and Evolution Schwander Tanja
Ecology and Evolution Van de Waal Erica
Ecology and Evolution Waterhouse Robert
Ecology and Evolution Wedekind Claus
Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Puder Jardena
Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Sykiotis Gerasimos
Forensic Toxicology and Chemistry Unit Thomas Aurélien
Fundamental Microbiology Collier Close Justine
Fundamental Microbiology Engel Philipp
Fundamental Microbiology Gruber Stephan
Fundamental Microbiology Keel Christoph
Fundamental Microbiology Pelet Serge
Fundamental Microbiology Schaerli Yolanda
Fundamental Microbiology Van der Meer Jan Roelof
Fundamental Microbiology Veening Jan-Willem
Fundamental Neurosciences Bagni Claudia
Fundamental Neurosciences Bezzi Paola
Fundamental Neurosciences Chatton Jean-Yves
Fundamental Neurosciences Fasshauer Dirk
Fundamental Neurosciences Lüthi Anita
Fundamental Neurosciences Neukomm Lukas
Fundamental Neurosciences Puyal Julien
Fundamental Neurosciences Regazzi Romano
Fundamental Neurosciences Telley Ludovic
Fundamental Oncology Coukos George
Fundamental Oncology Ho Ping-Chih
Fundamental Oncology Jandus Camilla
Fundamental Oncology Rufer Nathalie




Laboratories   Thesis Directors  
Hematology Duchosal Michel
Infectious Diseases Roger Thierry
Information Systems/HEC Villa Alessandro
Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine/IUMSP Bochud Murielle
Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine/IUMSP Kutalik Zoltan
Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine/IUMSP Pittet Valérie
Institute of the Humanities in Medicine/IHM Barras Vincent
Institute of the Humanities in Medicine/IHM Fauvel Aude
Microbiology Ciuffi Angela
Metabolomics Platform Ivanisevic Julijana
Musculoskeletal Medicine Laurent-Applegate Lee Ann
Neuroimmunology Du Pasquier Renaud
Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Prior John
Oncology Arber Barth Caroline
Oncology Gfeller David
Oncology Petrova Tatiana
Oncology Zoete Vincent
Ophtalmology Ionta Silvio
Ophtalmology Kostic Corinne




Laboratories  Thesis Directors     
Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Renalla Raffaele  
Pharmacology and Toxicology Hummler Edith  
Pharmacology and Toxicology Kellenberger Stephan  
Physiology Amati Francesca  
Physiology Place Nicolas  
Physiology Tafti Mehdi  
Physiology Widmann Christian  
Plant Molecular Biology Hardtke Christian  
Plant Molecular Biology Poirier Yves  
Plant Molecular Biology Santiago Julia  
Psychiatry Preisig Martin  
Psychiatry - Molecular psychiatry and epigenetics Cardinaux Jean-René  
Psychiatry - Psychiatric Neuroscience Eap Chin B.  
Psychiatry - Psychiatric Neuroscience Stoop Ron  
Psychiatric Epidemiology and Psychopathology Preisig Martin  
Radiology Hagmann Patric  
Radiology Van Heeswijk Ruud  
Rheumatology Busso Nathalie  
Transplantation Immunopathology  Golshayan Déla  



IMPORTANT ALERT: There is a potentially fraudulent website that copies the UNIL PHD Fellowships website. We strongly advise you to only use the official UNIL PhD Fellowships website for your application. Your personal data and money may be at risk if you use unofficial websites and our University does not accept any responsibility and consequences for applications made via unofficial websites and agencies.

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