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Thesis Directors

Please read the code of practice for PhD students and thesis directors


A.For future PhD & MD-PhD students 
List of the thesis directors who accepted to appear on our website: click here


B. For future MD students & MD thesis directors
Refer to the Rules (section "Directeur de thèse") or contact the MD Secretary's Office.


C. For future thesis directors (PhD & MD-PhD)
Request to be accredited as a thesis director: contact the Secretary's Office.


D. For thesis directors (PhD & MD-PhD)
If you are an accredited thesis director and wish that your name appears on the website, fill in this form.


E. Co-direction
See our Rules.


F. Co-direction 3.11
Directives/Guidelines: click here
Form for a co-direction request


For any queries on thesis direction & co-direction, contact the Secretary's Office (Mrs Marinette Donadeo).


G. If you are a thesis director and wish to propose a new course, contact the program coordinators.



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