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  • CH2018 - Climate change scenarios to be developed for Switzerland by 2018 (update of CH2011)
  • IBS - Information Service Biodiversity Switzerland
  • atlasflorevd - Projet Atlas flore vaudoise (in French)
  • INTEGRALP - Spatial modeling of vegetation, soils, geomorphology and hydrology in the Western Swiss Alps of Canton de Vaud
  • GMBA – The Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment is a network to explore the biological richness of mountains of the world
  • PPCH (UNIL) - A database for Swiss permanent vegetation plots 
  • ECOCHANGE – Biodiversity and ecosystem changes in Europe
  • MIREN – Mountain Invasion Research Network
  • NCCR Plant Survival - Plant survival in Natural and Agricultural Ecosystems
  • NCEAS – National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis
  • Durabilité - Program of UNIL to stimulate teaching and research on environmental and social sustainability
  • SMARTER - Interdisciplinary network of experts involved in the control of ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia)
  • GLORIA - Global Observation Research Initiative in Alpine Environments
  • DAISIE - Delivering Alien Invasive Species Inventories for Europe
  • PLANTPOPNET -  Plantago lanceolata: A Spatially Distributed Model System for Population Ecology
  • BIO_SOS - knowledge-based ecological modelling system suitable for monitoring NATURA 2000 sites



  • BAFU/OFEV – Swiss Federal Office for the Environment
  • DGE-BIODIV - Division biodiversity and Landscape of Canton de Vaud
  • Swisstopo – Swiss Federal Office for Topography
  • OFS – Swiss Federal Office for Statistics
  • COGIS – Swiss Coordination for Geo-Information and Services
  • SBS - Swiss Botanical Society
  • CPS- Swiss Commission for Wild Plant Conservation
  • MétéoSuisse - Climate change in Switzerland
  • IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change



  • CRAN - The comprehensive R archive network (Swiss mirror)
  • mapview - on-the-fly mapping of spatial in R (tutorial)
  • Quick-R – User-friendly guide for users of statistical packages (e.g., SAS, SPSS) who would like to transition to R
  • BIOMOD – R library for ensemble forecasting of species distributions
  • DISMO – R library for species distributon modeling (including MaxEnt)
  • GDM - R library for Generalized dissimilarity modeling
  • BIOMAPPER - A GIS-toolkit to model habitat suitability
  • ADE-4 – R library for analysis of ecological and environmental data
  • STATLIB - Data, software and news from the Statistics Community
  • Stockwell’s webpage –Niche modeling blog
  • ESRI – support for ArcGIS
  • GRASS and DIVA-GIS - free GIS softwares
  • Niklaus Zimmermann’s webpage – Tools for mapping biophysical variables
  • Colorbrewer - color advice for cartography
  • Marxan and ZONATION - softwares for spatial conservation planning (e.g. design reserve systems, assess performance of existing reserves, develop multiple-use zoning plans)
  • prioritizr - R package for solving systematic conservation prioritization problems using integer linear programming (ILP) 
  • sdmvspecies and virtualspecies - R libraries to create virtual species for species distribution modelling
  • R interface to Keras - high-level neural networks API
  • maxnet- Fitting 'Maxent' Species Distribution Models with 'glmnet' (Phillips et al. 2017)
  • PaleoView - a tool for generating continuous climate projections spanning the last 21 000 years at regional and global scale. github
  • remap - remote ecosystem monitoring assessment pipeline 
  • zoon - R package for reproducible and shareable species distribution modelling 



Species distribution data

  • GBIF – Global biodiversity information facility
  • Biocase – Biological Collection Access Service for Europe
  • Flora Europea – Digital version of the Flora Europaea
  • Den Virtuella floran – Online access to the Atlas of North European vascular plants (Hultén & Fries 1986)
  • Comparative chorology of the central europena flora -  maps Meusel & Jäger 1998 vol I, II & III digitalized by Halle University
  • CRSF – distributions of all plants in Swizerland
  • CSCF – distributions of all animal in Switzerland
  • FloraWeb - floristic database for Germany
  • Sophy - floristic database for France
  • Tropicos – specimens, distributons, chromosome counts, references
  • ArcticData - biodiversity, topography, protected areas, human impact data
  • Markku Savela’s webpage - photographs, common names, scientific names, distribution of mammals, insects, birds and plants
  • CKmap2000 - A complete checklist of the whole Italian fauna, with over 57,400 species
  • GfS - Distribution Atlas of Butterflies in Europe
  • BIEN - Botanical Information and Ecology Network that documents global patterns of plant diversity, function and distribution

Climate, soil, remote sensed & land use data


  • GEOSS portal - search engine for GIS data
  • Worldclim – global climate layers (current – future – past / resolution 1’, 5’ 10’)
  • CGIAR-CSI - global climate layers, including aridity, PET and soil-water balance based on worldclim
  • PANGAEA –Open Access library aimed at archiving, publishing and distributing georeferenced data from earth system research
  • CIAT - IPCC scenarios projections downscaled using Worldclim
  • CliMond – Global climatologies for bioclimatic modelling
  • ecoClimat - 19 bioclimatic layers + 4 monthly raw variables at 0.5°  for pre-industrial, historical, modern and future periods downscaled from CMPI5/PMIP 
  • Atlas of the biosphere - Human impacts, land use, ecosystems and water resources data
  • JAXA-DEM - World Elevation Data at 30m from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
  • Land Use Harmonization - set of historical land-use and land-use transitions reconstructions and future RCP scenarios for the time period 1500-2100 at 0.5° resolution
  • Global Forest Change - Worldwide forest extent, loss and gain (tree>5m) for years 2000-2012 at 30m resolution based on Landsat images
  • EC-Earth - Historical (1850-2006) and future simulation (2006-2100) for Ocean and Atmosphere climates
  • NSIDC - American National Snow & Ice Data Center providing many satellite and field data in the Arctic and Antarctic regions
  • CCAFS - Downscaled layers from future climate models (GCMs) from the Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security
  • NOAA - Reconstructed paleoclimates from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • USGS - Elevation, watershed and related variables for the globe at 1km resolution from the US Geological Survey
  • GLCF - Various land-cover datasets from the Global Land Cover Facility
  • NASA - Various atmospheric and land products from the MODIS instrument from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • FAO/IIASA/ISRIC/ISSCAS/JRC - Harmonized World Soil Database
  • IIASA - GIS data on Energy & climate Change, Food & Water, Poverty and Equity at different extents and resolutions
  • EarthEnv - Consensus land cover and 90m DEM
  • Worldgrids - global standardized grids at 1km for climate, MODIS, land use and DEM-derived parameters
  • Human Footprint - cumulative impact of direct pressures on nature from human activities at 1km resolution
  • MOD16 - Global Evapotranspiration data (ET,LE,PET,PLE) for 2000-2014 derived from MODIS at 1km 
  • giemsd15 - Global Inundation Extent from Multi-Satellites at 500m
  • soilgrids - soil property and class maps of the world at 1 km / 250 m produced using machine learning algorithms.



  • ENVIROCAT - Swiss Environmental Data Base
  • Geocat – Geographic catalogue for Switzerland
  • GEOSTAT – geodata from the Federal Office for Statistics
  • Meteoswiss - Monthly and annual climatic maps at 2.2 km

Biological traits

  • TRY - global database of plant functional traits
  • LEDA – life history traits of the Northwest European flora
  • BiolFlor – database on biological and ecological traits of the flora of Germany
  • CLO-PLA – clonal growth plant traits of Central European flora
  • Trochet et al. 2014 - A database of life-history traits of European amphibians
  • Tr8 R package - retrieves plant traits from BiolFlor ,LEDA, ECOFLORA, Italian Flora, Mycorrhizal intensity and MycoFlor1 databases
  • panTHERIA - a species-level database of life history, ecology, and geography of extant and recently extinct mammals

Taxonomy and Phylogeny


  • WDPA - World Database on Protected Areas (manual)


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