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SESAM'ALP - Predicting plant and insect communities at very high resolution in the Swiss Prealps using the SESAM framework.

SESAM'ZOOL -  Develop, implement, and test the SESAM framework to model species assemblage of European reptiles in 3 nested study areas.

ACONITE - Assessment of Carrying capacity cONcept for specIes richness in planT assEmblages.

MODISALP - Developping very high resolution environmental maps to understand  the effects of climate change on alpine taxa. Continuation of the Bioassemble / Modiplant projects

Heracleum - Understanding the invasion of the Giant Hogweed in the Swiss Prealps (in french).


Microbial Biogeography - Linking pyrosequencing, phylogenetics and habitat modelling to study the ecogeography of soil fungal and bacterial communities along a wide elevation gradient in the Alp.

RechAlp.vd - Platform for transdisciplinary research on the Alps of Canton of Vaud (in french). A georeferenced database of topographic, remove sensing, climatic, hydrologic, pedologic, geologic, geomorphologic and biotic data will be constituted and made available through an web interface.

EcoSoil-ModModelling of edaphic factors and their integration as predictors into plant distribution models.

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