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Projects completed

Projects completed

Projects completed

Bioassemble / Modiplant - Assessing the importance of biotic interactions for predicting the impact of climate change on the future distribution of alpine plant assemblages (2009-2012). Providing more informative predictions of climate change impact on alpine plant species distribution (2003-2009)

Treemod - Modelling tree species distribution in Switzerland (with N.E. Zimmermann, WSL)

Hotspots - Understanding of biodiversity hotspots using field, molecular and bioinformatics approaches

Eryngium - Towards a central role of distribution models for the conservation of rare plants in a changing world (in french) 

Habitalp - Monitoring long term environmental changes in alpine habitats

Landspot - Landscape potential for animal species colonization, dispersal and survival

PNR48 - Transformation rates of Alpine landscapes and surrounding areas: Potential threats and benefits to people and selected species

Centaurea - Modelling the niche and distribution of invasive plants in their native and invaded range

ECOCHANGE (EU-FP6) - Assessing the impact of global change on European biodiversity and ecosystems

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