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Supervised PhDs

Petitpierre, B. 2014. Using environmental niche modelling to understand biological invasions in a changing world. pdf

Pliscoff, P. 2013. Predicting the past, present and future of plant diversity in Chile: a habitat suitability modelling approach.

Ndiribe, C. 2013. The role of phylogeny in the spatial distributions and assembly of mountain plant communities. 

Dubuis, A. 2013. Predicting spatial patterns of plant biodiversity: from species to communities. pdf

Pellissier, L. 2012. Species distributions and interactions in a changing world: from understanding to forecasting. University of Lausanne.

Vicente, J.R. 2012. Modelling landscape invasion by alien plants under current and future conditions of climate and land use. PhD thesis, University of Porto & CIBIO (A. Guisan official co-superviser).

Maggini, R. 2011. Species distribution models for conservation-oriented studies in Switzerland: filling data and tool gaps.

Pio, D. 2010. Evolutionary history and its relevance in understanding and conserving southern African biodiversity.pdf

Engler, R. 2009. Unfolding nature "in silico": overcoming practical and metodological limitations of species distribution models. pdf

Broennimann, O. 2008. Niche, distribution and global changes: modeling insights into biogeography and conservation biology. pdf

Randin, C. 2007. Providing more informative projections of climate change impact on plant distribution in a mountain environment. pdf

Mathys, L. 2006. A discrete forest in a continuous landscape: investigating interactions between natural resource management and sustainable development. pdf

Gehrig-Fasel, J. 2006. Treeline and climate change: analyzing and modelliing patterns and shifts in the Swiss Alps.

Lütolf, M. 2006. Changing landscapes of Switzerland: assessing effects of historic and future land uses and land covers on the occurence of selected butterfly species.

Rickebush, S. 2006. Modelling tree population dynamics at the alpine and boreal tree-line ecotones in response to climate and land-use change. pdf

Dufour, A. 2006. Evaluation multi-échelle de la biodiversité végétale dans les paturages boisés du Jura.


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