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Olivier Broennimann, postdoc

Research interests | Curriculum Vitae | Teaching

Research interests

Niches, distributions & invasions

My research projects focus on the use of niche-based models for assessing the cause of spread of alien invasive plants. Among others, I investigated whether a shift of the climatic niche could occur in the case of biological invasions and if it does compromise the predictions of invaded areas.


Curriculum Vitae

2009 -
Postdoc at the Universiy of Lausanne, Deaprtment of Ecology & Evolution, within the framework of the National Center for Competence in Research "Plant Survival", Workpackage 3 on "Spread and impact of invasive plants".

Postdoc at the State University of New-York (SUNY), at Stony Broke, in the lab of Prof. Catherine Graham

2005 - 2008
PhD thesis supervised by Antoine Guisan, UNIL. "Niche-based models in biogeography & conservation biology: how far can we go to assess the impacts of global change?"

Scientific collaborator. 3D Photo-interpretation and cartography of alluvial areas of national importance in Switzerland. Federal Office for the Environment, Service Conseil Zones Alluviales, Yverdon, Switzerland.

2004 - 2005
Scientific collaborator. Modeling of the distribution of Southern African taxa by 2050. Supervision by Dr. Wilfried Thuiller, Kirstenbosch Research Center (SANBI), Cape Town, South-Africa.

2003 - 2004
Scientific collaborator. Modeling of the distribution of Ilex gender (Aquifoliacea) / Morphological discrimination of the Ilex species of South America (multivariate statistical analyses), supervised by Dr. Pierre-André Loizeau, Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, Geneva, Switzerland.

2003 - 2004
Scientific collaborator. Field surveys and habitat modeling for the Eryngium Project in the Swiss Alps. Supervision by Prof. Antoine Guisan, UNIL.

2002 - 2003
Master thesis on "modeling of the distribution of rare and endangered plant species", supervised by Prof. Antoine Guisan, UNIL.

1997 - 2002
Studies in Biology at UNIL.

1994 - 1997
Baccalaureate in Sciences at the Gymnasium of CESSEV (Burier, Switzerland).



Teaching in geographic information systems (GIS) for Prof. Antoine Guisan, UNIL. Teaching in spatial ecology for Prof. Antoine Guisan, UNIL. Teaching in plant systematic for Prof. Nicole Galland, UNIL. Teaching in comparative zoology for Prof. Peter Vogel, UNIL.


Department of Ecology
and Evolution
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