Swiss Eco-Climatic GIS data | Example dataset for MigClim.genClust | Bioclim variables for Southern South America

Swiss Eco-Climatic GIS data

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This pdf shows the different eco-climatic GIS layers available for Switzerland. Information is provided about the methods used for the creation of the layers as well as their interdependances and correlations.

Example dataset for MigClim.genClust

This dataset is to be used with the MigClim.genClust function implemented in the MigClim R package

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Bioclim variables for Southern South America

19 bioclimatic variables based on Nix 1985, derived from a dataset of monthly climatic variables (1950-2000, 1 km spatial resolution) created with Anusplin software (Hutchinson 2006). More details on the methods here.

Suggested citation: Pliscoff, P and Luebert, F. 2013. A new improved dataset of climatic surfaces for Southern South America.

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