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Tutorials and Courses

Doctoral School Tutorials | Joint EPFL-UNIL course: Trends in Metabolism & Physiology | Information on credit validation

Doctoral School Tutorials

Please see below the link to the tutorial offers of the general Life Science program of the FBM doctoral school. Note that all tutorial inscriptions are treated online directly by the FBM doctoral school, not by the CVM coordinator.
Tutorial credits will be directly validated by the doctoral school as weel, there is no need to fill the usual forms.

Tutorials offered by the FBM Doctoral School

Please also note that these tutorials are sorted into four periods/series per academic year. There are fixed periods for tutorial inscriptions after which your demands can usually not be considered anymore...

Periods for tutorial inscriptions at the FBM Doctoral School


Joint EPFL-UNIL course: Trends in Metabolism & Physiology

This doctoral course offered during the Spring semester 2017 (start date: 20 February 2017), will focus on the metabolic and physiological aspects of nutrient utilization in health and disease. Capitalizing on the recent LIMNA - Lausanne Integrative Metabolism and Nutrition Alliance initiative by FBM-UNIL, EPFL, CHUV and NIHS, the course will bring together PhD students and renowed speakers in the field of metabolism, nutrition, aging, and associated metabolic pathologies, to expose students to the current trends and topics in this field and improve education in the area of metabolism and nutrition.

Invited speakers and/or an EPFL/CHUV/UNIL/NIHS faculty member will meet with students in ten morning sessions (3 hours) to give an overview of the field and lead a discussion of 2 selected articles in a journal club format. This is followed by a research seminar for the entire scientific community (1 hour). Besides facilitating direct contacts between PhD students and the invited speakers, this format trains students to critically evaluate scientific papers describing original research, to extract, summarize and communicate the information contained in these papers and to participate in scientific discussion.


Information on credit validation

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