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While women outnumber men in postdoctoral positions, they remain a minority in permanent academic positions, in particular in professorial positions (see the UNIL gender equality statistics). Studies reveal that a major factor leading women to leave academia is their lack of integration and of formal and informal support structures during the postdoctoral phase (Leeman & Stutz, 2008, p.3).


Through workshops and individual mentoring, PROWD Academic career aims to offer women planning to apply for a professorship detailed information on recruiting procedures, advice on the different stages of the application process and on academic career in general, and answers to specific questions many women have about the difficulties related to their experiences and their profile. It also aims to provide opportunities for exchange between participants.


With a particular emphasis on the specific issues and difficulties female academics may encounter, PROWD Academic career complements the workshops and activities offered by the Graduate Campus, which PROWD participants are encouraged to follow as well:

  • Academic Career: Demands, Expectations and Preparation
  • Creating the postdoc’s job-hunt package
  • Career cafés

Main elements of the programme

Programme kick-off event

Date and time: October 30th 2018, 12 to 6.


The first part (12-1.30), which is open to a broad academic audience, will include a presentation of the programme and the intervention of experts specializing in issues related to women’s careers, both academic and non-academic.


In the second part (1.30-6), the participants in both tracks of PROWD will follow a workshop titled “Power Games: Roles, Power and Everyday Challenges in an Institutional Environment", led by Sybil Schädeli, trainer and coach specialized in leadership and power issues.


Workshop description:


Les femmes travaillant dans des entreprises organisées hiérarchiquement se retrouvent souvent dans des situations où elles ont l’impression que « quelque chose se passe ou se trame », sans toutefois comprendre de quoi il s’agit exactement, ni connaître les règles du jeu. Elles sont mal à l’aise ou en colère et ne trouvent pas toujours les mots pour pouvoir réagir habilement ou même jouer le jeu. Cet atelier traite des codes et des pratiques tacites, et vise à donner aux femmes la liberté de décider, dans une situation concrète, si elles souhaitent jouer le jeu avec habileté ou se tenir à l’écart.



  • Phénomènes et processus liés au pouvoir dans les structures hiérarchiques
  • Parler sans se comprendre: le langage des hommes et le langage des femmes
  • Jeux de pouvoirs et réponses aux attaques verbales et non-verbales


Language: The official part of the event will take place in French. The workshop will be led in French but participants are free to speak in French or English.

Workshop “Preparing your application for a professorship”

Date and time: December 7th 2018 (in English) or January 8th 2019 (in French), 9-5 (to choose upon registration to the programme)




Applying for a professor position can be a daunting process, and often, the different steps of this process are not well known. This workshop shows how the process works, from the moment the job announcement is formulated to the final decision of who receives the job offer. Moreover, and most importantly, this workshop shows what some of the most essential elements are that will help you increase your chances of success.


This workshop will help you to be well-prepared when you apply, by providing (some) answers to the following questions:

  • How does the recruitment process work
  • How does the recruitment commission work and who decides what
  • How to interact with the recruitment commission
  • How to prepare your application package
  • How to prepare for your visit: your presentation, interview, discussions with members of the department/institute/faculty


Trainer: Franciska Krings, full professor of Organizational Behavior (Faculty of Business and Economics), 2011-2016 Vice-rector in charge of junior faculty development, UNIL.

Language: The workshop will be given once in French and once in English (to choose upon registration to the programme).


Throughout the programme, each participant will be mentored by one or several UNIL professors, who may give them feedback on their applications or project funding requests or advise them on more general aspects of the academic career.


For mentors

Other events (optional)

Other shorter events (lunch-time workshops, informal meetings, etc.) will be organized based on participants’ demands and interests, on topics such as family and mobility, dual careers, the trial lecture, etc.


More information on these events will follow.

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