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Prospective students

Information about studies at the UNIL and career opportunities | Help in choosing a course | International students | Registration at the UNIL | Reception of new students | Practical matters | Student associations | General information about the UNIL | Study programmes in Switzerland

Information about studies at the UNIL and career opportunities

Studying at the UNIL

All the basic information for international prospective students (language, tuition fees, cost of living in Lausanne, etc).

UNIL students describe their studies

Publications devoted to studies at the UNIL

Study guide, information sheets about studies in different faculties, admission without school-leaving diploma.

Vocational Guidance and Careers Service information desks

Come and ask your questions about studies at the UNIL, choice of subject and career prospects.

School Leavers’ Open Days

Organised each year in December, these open days provide insight into the full range of UNIL study opportunities.

Masters Open Day

Organised each year, this open day is intended for those interested in Masters studies at the UNIL.

Vocational Guidance and Careers Service documentation centre


Help in choosing a course

Guidance mini-assessment (intended for school leavers)

Download and complete the questionnaire, which can then serve as the basis for your reflections and discussions with parents, teachers, careers guidance adviser, etc.

Choose your Masters - all information enabling you to make the right choice


Student associations


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