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Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences


Organiser University of Lausanne - Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
Degree awarded Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Social Sciences
ECTS credits 180
Duration 6 semesters
Teaching language  French
Transparent Transparent
General presentation The Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences comprises one main discipline, the Major in Social Sciences, and a secondary discipline, the Minor, to be chosen from a predefinite list.

The degree course follows a largely interdisciplinary approach and strives to explain both the general functioning of societies and their diversity. Studies in the field of social science provide the epistemological framework required to understand the social environments in which individuals live and develop. They also lead to analysis of the representations and practices of individuals in relation to their social living conditions from the perspectives of culture, economics and politics.

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Subject to changes.
Last update: 7 January 2015

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Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences, PDF, 98 Kb

Version: November 2014

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