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UNIL Masters

| Theology and Religious Studies | Law and Criminal Justice | Arts | Social and Political Sciences | Business and Economics | Geosciences and Environment | Biology and Medicine | Interfaculty programmes

The University of Lausanne offers 33 Masters programmes. All programmes, with the exception of the MSc in Nursing Sciences, can be attended part-time.

Theology and Religious Studies


  • Arts (MA)
  • Arts with Specialisation (MA) in:
    - Communication and Culture from the Middle Ages to the Early Modern Period
    - Comparative European Languages and Literatures
    - Dramaturgy and History of Theater
    - History of Culture: texts, images and society
    - History of Film Theory/Practices
    - History of Regional Art
    - History of the Book and Critical Edition
    - Literary Translation
    - New American Studies
    - Philosophy, Science and Society
    - Public Discourse and Communication Analysis
    - Research, Use and Exploitation of Historical Sources
    - Working in the Field of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

Geosciences and Environment

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The Master's degree cycle allows students to broaden their knowledge, either to specialise in a particular field or acquire an interdisciplinary training.

In the Bologna system, this second cycle lasts for 3 to 4 semesters (90-120 ECTS credits), depending on the programmes chosen. The Master's degree is considered to be an end-of-study qualification equivalent to the degrees of the former system, called in French licence or diplôme.


MA: Master of Arts
MLaw: Master of Law
MMed: Master of Medicine
MSc: Master of Science
MTh: Master of Theology

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