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UNIL Masters

The University of Lausanne offers 37 Masters programmes. All programmes, with the exception of the MSc in Nursing Sciences, can be attended part-time.

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Faculty of Theology and Sciences of Religions

Faculty of Law, Criminal Justice and Public Administration

Faculty of Arts

  • Arts (MA)
  • Arts with Specialisation (MA) in:
    • African Studies: Textwork and Fieldwork
    • Culture, Civilisation and Resurgences of the Middle Ages
    • Comparative European Languages and Literatures
    • Digital Humanities
    • Dramaturgy and History of Theater
    • French and French-speaking Studies in the European Context
    • History of Culture: texts, images and society
    • History of Film Theory/Practice
    • History of the Book and Critical Edition
    • Literary Translation
    • New American Studies
    • Philosophy, Science and Society
    • Public Discourse and Communication Analysis
    • Research, Use and Exploitation of Historical Sources
    • Switzerland and the Arts: Boundaries, Territories, Identities
    • Working in the Field of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage
  • Study of Religions with or without specialisation (MA)

Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

Faculty of Business and Economics

Faculty of Geosciences and Environment

Faculty of Biology and Medicine

Interfaculty Programmes

Last update: 14 January 2015

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The Master's degree cycle allows students to broaden their knowledge, either to specialise in a particular field or acquire an interdisciplinary training.

In the Bologna system, this second cycle lasts for 3 to 4 semesters (90-120 ECTS credits), depending on the programmes chosen. The Master's degree is considered to be an end-of-study qualification equivalent to the degrees of the former system, called in French licence or diplôme.


MA: Master of Arts
MLaw: Master of Law
MMed: Master of Medicine
MSc: Master of Science
MTh: Master of Theology

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