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Master of Science in Accounting, Control & Finance

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Organised in collaboration with the University of Geneva, this programme aims to train future leaders of business enterprises and future experts in accounting, control, finance, audit- ing and tax systems. It also prepares students for possible studies leading to the doctorate.

The content of the first two semesters of the programme includes a range of courses cover- ing basic areas of the programme: financial accounting, management control, corporate finance, external auditing and tax systems. The courses represent a continuation of those offered in the Bachelor’s degree programmes of HEC Geneva and HEC Lausanne and assume that students have already acquired the knowl- edge developed in these respective fields. In the third semester students are given the opportunity to specialise or expand their knowledge through the free choice of 15 course credits. They also devote a large part of their time to writing their Master’s disserta- tion, which may relate to an academic subject in one of the preferred fields of teaching staff or to a subject related to a problem area in the professional milieu. Successful completion of the Master’s dissertation gives entitlement to 15 ECTS credits.

It is worth noting that students are encouraged to complete a work placement between the second and third semester, for which they can obtain the equivalent of 3 ECTS credits.

HEC Lausanne
University of Geneva

Degree awarded
Master of Science (MSc) in Accounting, Control and Finance

ECTS credits

3 semesters

Teaching language
Mainly French, some courses in English. Recommended level : C1.

Enrolment dates
30 April. The degree course begins in the autumn semester.
Candidates needing a visa to study in Switzerland : 28 February.

More information
Timetables and course descriptions

University studies develop, in addition to specific academic skills, a great many transverse skills such as : communication, critical, analytical and summarising faculties, abilities in research, the learning and transmission of knowledge, independence and the ability to make judgements in the field of specialisation and overlapping areas.

This panoply of skills, combined with specialist knowledge acquired in the course of studies, is excellent preparation for a wide range of employment opportunities. The following career prospects may be cited as an example :

  • Certified Accountants (graduates may apply for equivalence recognition for the exami- nations of the federal diploma for certified public accountants module)
  • Management Controllers
  • Financial Analysts
  • Auditors of Accounts
  • Tax Experts
  • Business Consultants

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