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Master of Science in Forensic Science, subject area Identification

Organiser University of Lausanne - School of Criminal Justice, Faculty of Law, Criminal Justice and Public Administration.
Degree awarded Master of Science (MSc) in Forensic Science subject area Identification
ECTS credits 120
Duration 4 semesters
Final enrolment date 30 April. This programmes starts at the autumn semester only.
Candidates needing a visa to study in Switzerland: 28 February.
 Teaching language French, some courses in English. Recommended level : C1
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General presentation

The Master of Science (MSc) in Forensic Science, subject area Identification offers in-depth training, both theoretical and practical, in the identification of people or objects.
Transdisciplinary teaching covers the main areas of identification : fingerprinting, DNA analysis, biometrics, traceology, firearms and handwriting/signatures, and lays particular emphasis on probabilistic methods of interpretation.
The Master of Science in Forensic Science, subject area Identification, is designed to lay the foundations of legal expertise in the field of identification. Practical teaching is therefore strongly oriented towards the resolution of fictitious cases and case analysis. Students are encouraged to consider problems relating to research, detection and identification in investigative and evaluative mode and to conduct their research in the manner of an expert’s report intended for civil or criminal courts.

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