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Master of Science in Psychology

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The Master of Science in Psychology is designed as a cycle of specialisation providing access to the profession of psychologist. On completion of the Master’s degree the student will be able to:

  • explain, evaluate, compare and discuss specific aspects of knowledge in psychology, in the orientation chosen for the Master’s degree, and put them into perspective in relation to their epistemological status ;
  • implement, acting independently, a scientific research process ;
  • master the use of intervention tools related to the application scope of the chosen orientation in psychology ;
  • present, in a structured and reasoned manner, an in-depth reflection, in both written and oral form ;
  • use the relevant knowledge, analytic skills and intervention tools in different contexts, showing respect and consideration for diversity ;
  • develop ethical and socially responsible positions in the practice of psychology.

The main specialisation is to be chosen from among the following 5 fields:

  • Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology;
  • Child and Adolescent Psychology;
  • Counselling and Vocational Psychology;
  • Health Psychology: Historical and Cultural Approach;
  • Social and Intercultural Psychology

Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

Degree awarded
Master of Science (MSc) in Psychology

ECTS credits

4 semesters

Teaching language
French. Recommended level : C1.

Final enrolment dates
Autumn semester : 30 April. Spring semester : 30 November. It is possible for students to begin the degree course in either the autumn or the spring semester except for the Child and Adolescent Consultation orientation (please contact the study advisor for more information concerning this course). Autumn semester : 30 April. Spring semester : 30 November.

Candidates needing a visa to study in Switzerland must apply for enrolment at least two months prior to the deadlines indicated above.

More information
Timetables and course descriptions

University studies develop, in addition to specific skills and knowledge in distinct fields of psychology, a great many transverse skills such as : oral and written communication, critical, analytical and summarising faculties, abilities in research, the learning and transmission of knowledge, independence and the ability to make judgements in the field of specialisation and overlapping areas.

This range of skills, combined with specialist knowledge acquired during the study period, prepares students for professional posts in a wide variety of sectors which in several fields however require additional postgraduate training :

  • Child and Adolescent or Adult Psychiatry Departments
  • Psychogeriatrics and Geriatrics
  • Counselling and Vocational Psychology
  • Psychology, Psychomotor Therapy and
  • Speech Therapy in the educational field
  • Private Practice (Consultation)
  • Parapublic Institutions (e.g. care homes for the elderly, adolescent homes)
  • Research and Teaching (e.g. UNIL, CHUV – Psychiatry)
  • Other : associative structures, intervention services (e.g. police, fire-fighters), private service companies (e.g. banks and consultancy firms), public administration, mediation, etc).

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