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Master of Arts in Political Science

Organiser University of Lausanne - Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
Degree awarded Master of Arts (MA) in Political Science
ECTS credits 120
Duration 4 semesters
Final enrolment dates The degree course begins in the autumn semester.
Final enrolment date: 30 April
Candidates needing a visa to study in Switzerland: 28 February
Teaching language French. Recommended level : C1.
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General presentation

The course leading to a Master’s degree in Political Science differs from the traditional academic approaches to this subject and address politics in its various dimensions - local, national, international, economic, social, and civic - but without losing touch with the reality of the contemporary world. This practical approach helps to highlight the “multi-professional” and innovative dimension of the training offered to students.

The Master’s degree in Political Science is a cycle of training and specialisation aimed at the acquisition of analytical and research skills specific to the wide variety of professions that are connected with politics. The student can specialise in the areas of globalisation, professions in politics, or international policy and history.

The study plan of the Master of Arts in Political Science degree consists of four parts: the common trunk, the specific orientations, an optional module, and the Master's thesis. Three specific orientations are offered:

  • Globalisation
  • Professions in Politics
  • Politics and International History
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