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Master of Arts in the Study of Religions


Organiser University of Lausanne - Faculty of Theology and Sciences of Religions, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
College of Religious Studies:
Degree awarded Master of Arts (MA) in the Study of Religions
ECTS credits 90 or 120
Duration 3 semesters (max. 5 semesters) for 90 ECTS
4 semesters (max. 6 semesters) for 120 ECTS
Final enrolment dates It is possible for students to begin the degree course in either the autumn or the spring semester.
Autumn semester: 30 April
Spring semester: 30 November
Candidates needing a visa to study in Switzerland must apply for enrolment at least two months prior to the deadlines indicated above.
Teaching language French. Research work may be done in English.
Transparent Transparent
General presentation The study curriculum combines interdisciplinary training with a comparative perspective and specialisation in the following areas: Social Sciences of Contemporary Religions (migrations, sociology, psychology), Ancient and Modern Christianity, Ancient and Modern Judaism, Religious Plurality, South Asian Religions, Polytheistic Religions of the Ancient Worlds, Islam, Transversal and Marginalised Traditions, Anthropology of Religion, Comparative Sciences of Religions, etc.
Students may opt for either a general course or specialisation in a more focused area of study (religious traditions, historical periods, methodological approach, geographical area, etc.). They can also choose between a Master's degree without specialisation (90 ECTS credits) or with specialisation (120 ECTS credits).
For those who opt for the Master with specialisation, the skills acquired will be reinforced through the  specialisation programme “Focus on Interculturality”, which provides preparatory professional training and is worth 30 credits. The programme includes a practical internship outside of the university context and theoretical courses on the intercultural approach and its practical application in the field (Master of Arts in the Study of Religions with specialisation - 120 ECTS credits).
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Student testimonial (in French)

Presentation of the specialisation programme (in French)

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