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Master of Theology

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The studies required for the Master of Theology (MTh) degree represent the culmination of the second cycle of basic training in theology. They provide extensive knowledge and skills in several branches of theology. Students organise their programmes to reflect the orientation they intend to follow in their training.

The student chooses three branches among the five presented in the study plan. Each of the branches is followed in one of the  partner universities, depending on the chosen area of specialisation :

  • Biblical Sciences
  • History of Christianity
  • Religious Studies
  • Systematic Theology and Ethics
  • Practical Theology

College of protestant theology

Degree awarded
Master of Theology (MTh)

ECTS credits

4 semesters

Teaching language
French. Recommended level : C1.

Final enrolment dates
It is possible for students to begin the degree course in either the autumn or the spring semester (autumn semester : 30 April, spring semester : 30 November).

Candidates needing a visa to study in Switzerland must apply for enrolment at least two months prior to the deadlines indicated above (this time limit is applicable to enrolment at the UNIL only).

More information
Timetables and course descriptions

In addition to advanced skills in very varied fields, the Master of Theology develops inde- pendence of thought and the ability to organ- ise work independently. These intellectual and human qualities offer interesting career prospects in many areas (depending on spe- cialisation, further training may be required) :

  • Ecclesiastical professions (pastor, special- ised ministries: hospital, prison or youth chaplaincy, military chaplain, etc)
  • Academic research
  • Teaching
  • Social services (marriage guidance counsellor, support or welfare officer)
  • Human resources
  • Media (journalism, communication)
  • Book-related professions (publishing, bookselling)
  • Governmental and non-governmental organisations

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