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Bachelor of Science in Management


Organiser University of Lausanne - Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC Lausanne)
Degree awarded Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Management
ECTS credits 180
Duration 6 semesters
Teaching language French (Course media may be in English from the first year. Some third-year optional courses are taught in English).
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General presentation

The Bachelor of Science in Management aims to develop in students the analytical capabilities, technical skills, interpersonal skills and firm grasp of the theory of management they will need in the world of business, research and public administration. It stands apart from similar programmes offered elsewhere in Switzerland by its strongly quantitative orientation, and attracts many students from other cantons (38%) and abroad (39%). The first two years form a common study programme with the Bachelor of Science in Economics.

The course lays strong emphasis on quantitative aspects: statistics, mathematics, IT, decision-making analysis, finance and economics account for around 70% of the teaching. In the third year, students choose courses in different fields of management. Most students continue their studies with a Master’s degree. Management studies offer many career opportunities in large companies, the public sector and SMEs (in finance, marketing, human resources, etc) and pave the way for starting a company.

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Last update: 12 August 2013

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