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Faculty of Biology & Medicine

The Faculty of Biology and Medicine covers three disciplines that share the same interest for living beings, but with three distinct, albeit complementary approaches and cultures. Biology looks at nature in all its forms and focuses its academic activity on basic research. Medicine and Nursing Sciences, instead, are interested in humans, in their totality as living beings, whether healthy or in physical or psychic distress. Their activities are focused on the care of patients and clinical research.

In the framework of its second cycle teaching, the School of Biology of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine offers three Master's degree:

The School of Medicine offers a Master of Medicine.

The Faculty of Biology and Medicine also awards a Master of Science in Nursing Sciences, jointly with the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO).

The Faculty's Major Assets

  • A Doctorate School offering a range of specialized training courses, some leading to the title of "Doctor in Life Sciences" and some to a Doctorate in Medicine;
  • Advanced expertise in research, including fundamental biology, biomedical research, translational research and applied clinical research.

Website of the Faculty

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