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Master of Science in Finance


Organiser University of Lausanne - HEC Lausanne
Degree awarded Master of Science (MSc) in Finance
ECTS credits 120
Duration 4 semesters
Final enrolment date 30 April. This programmes starts at the autumn semester only.
Candidates needing a visa to study in Switzerland must apply for enrolment at least two months prior to the deadline indicated above. This time limit is applicable to enrolment at the UNIL only.
Teaching language English. For students required to take preparatory courses, French is required.
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General presentation

The Master of Science in Finance aims to give students excellent quantitative knowledge enabling them to understand the complicated working of financial institutions.

In addition to providing strong theoretical bases, the aim of this training is to teach the participants to apply the know-how implicit in their qualifications.

The MSc in Finance specialized in financial engineering offered by HEC Lausanne has been recognized by the CFA Institute as a CFA Program Partner.

Timetables and course descriptions


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