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If you are a national of one of the signatory countries of the agreement on the free movement of persons (French acronym: ALCP) and you are the holder of a passport or a valid identity card, you may enter Switzerland with no prior formalities.

If you are not a national of one of the signatory countries of the ALCP, you must be the holder of a valid passport and a visa issued by a Swiss embassy or consulate abroad (country of origin). The documents necessary to obtain the visa are:

  • visa application form
  • passport (valid for the entire duration of your stay)
  • 2 photos, passport size
  • guarantee that you have sufficient financial means to cover the expenses of your stay (about 100.- CHF/day)
  • copy of the invitation letter sent to you by the UNIL
  • cash

How to proceed

Foreign nationals who are not required to have a visa may request, before entering Switzerland, an assurance that a residence permit will be granted to them. This may be useful, in particular, for simplifying border transit procedures.

For candidates who are nationals of a country for which a visa is required, it is essential that you make your application from abroad. It is strongly recommended that you begin the administrative procedure at least 3 months before your departure, because the time required for examining a visa application can be lengthy.

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