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Sciex - Scientific Exchange Program between Switzerland and the New Member States of the EU

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Sciex is a Scientific Exchange Program between Switzerland and the New Member States of the European Union, which has been designed for researchers from the New Member States. The duration of the program is 7 years (2009 – 2016).

Sciex aims at developing individual researchers’ capacities, fostering scientific progress and innovation and establishing or enhancing networks between researchers.

For this purpose, Sciex offers a research stay in Switzerland between 6 and 24 months to doctoral (PhD) and post-doc candidates («Fellows») from the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, Slovak Republic, Bulgaria and Romania. The doctoral or post-doc candidate («Fellow») must dispose of a concrete research project and identify the Sciex research team, which consists of the fellow, the «Home Mentor» in an eligible institution in the New Member State and the «Host Mentor» in an eligible institution in Switzerland. The Host Mentor is considered as the Main Applicant and thus responsible for the project (see Guidelines below). 

The criteria for assignment of a fellowship focus on the professional commitment of the fellow and the mentors, the specific objectives and the quality of the research project, the mutual benefit of the collaboration with the Swiss team and the degree of support assured by both institutions.

The Sciex program is open to all scientific disciplines.

The last call for Sciex projects will be launched in January 2014 with the deadline for applications on April 1st, 2014.

The following countries will participate: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia and Slovak Republic.

The following countries will NOT participate for the last call: Poland, Romania and Estonia.

Regarding Slovenia: a special call will be launched in January 2014 exclusively for the Mentors of a previously granted Slovenian-Swiss Sciex project. Those mentors will be informed by Sciex directly.

Please note that all Sciex fellowships have to be terminated on October 31st, 2015 at the latest. The maximum duration of a Sciex project is though limited to 12 months, knowing that due to administrative procedures the earliest start of a Sciex project at UNIL is November 1st, 2014.

Please read carefully the new important decisions applicable to the Sciex Program, taken in March 2012. They concern the introduction of personal requirements and are outlined in a separate document (see below under «documents»). The application forms have been updated, please check under > application forms.

For more detailed information about the program (application procedure, forms, information per country), please check the following website: and have a look at the frequently asked questions (FAQ).

If you need any further assistance for the application procedure, please contact Mr Matthias Buess ( at the International Relations Office of the University of Lausanne (+ 41 21 692 20 21).

Matthias Buess
Sciex Regional Office Lausanne


pdf   Sciex-Flyer 2012  (868 Kb)

pdf   Sciex new decisions March 2012  (191 Kb)

pdf   New evaluation procedure  (78 Kb)

pdf   Guidelines for Main Applicants  (133 Kb)

pdf   Sciex Press Release 2nd call (08-09-2010)  (360 Kb)

pdf   Sciex-Press Release 3rd call (31-3-2011)  (350 Kb)

pdf   Sciex Press Release 4th call (Jan 2011)  (354 Kb)

pdf   Sciex Press Release 5th Call (April 2012)  (750 Kb)

pdf   Sciex Press Release 6th call (Sept 2012)  (751 Kb)

pdf   Sciex Press Release 7th call (March 2013)  (641 Kb)

pdf   Sciex Press Release 8th call (Sept 2013)  (639 Kb)

pdf   Sciex Press Release 9th call (March 2014)  (643 Kb)

pdf   Workflow UNIL (French)  (240 Kb)

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