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Pavilion of the House of the Mosaics

Mosaics1.jpgThe discovery of an exceptional set of pebble mosaics from the 4th century BC, in perfect condition, raised from the outset a question of principle: could one preserve these precious mosaics on site, or must they be taken up and moved to the Museum? The first solution was selected, thanks to the support of generous patrons, Heidi and Hellmut Baumann, who took a passionate interest in the House of the Mosaics and agreed to pay for the restoration of the mosaics, and then for the design and construction of the pavilion.

After much consideration and many consultations, the Greek archaeological authorities decided upon the construction of a modern pavilion on the foundations provided by the ancient walls. It was important that the pavilion can withstand an earthquake and that it fit in well with the structures surrounding it. White walls surmounted by wooden beams and a tile roof were chosen. Drainage is provided by copper flumes. Large windows with unbreakable panes allow a good view of the mosaics while at the same time protecting them from vandalism.

To visit the monument, ask for the key at the Museum



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