Friday 28

18h30 Karl Reber: Introduction

19h00 Samuel Verdan: Quantification in Early Iron Age pottery studies: review and prospects

Sanctuaries (1) (chairman : Karl Reber)

19h30 Michael Kerschner: Approaching aspects of cult practice and ethnicity in Early Iron Age Ephesus by using quantitative analysis of a Protogeometric deposit from the Artemision

20h00 Ivonne Kaiser - Sara Strack - Laura-Concetta Rizzotto: Development of a ceramic cultic assemblage? Analysing pottery from LH III C to LG Kalapodi

20h30 Discussion


Saturday 29


Sanctuaries (2) (chairman : Alexandros Mazarakis Ainian)

9h30 Catherine Morgan: Isthmia and beyond: how can quantification help the analysis of EIA sanctuary deposits?

10h00 Birgitta Eder: The Early Iron Age sanctuary at Olympia: counting sherds from the Pelopion excavations (1987-1996)

10h30 Jean-Marc Luce: L'aire du pilier des Rhodiens à Delphes. Essai de quantification du mobilier

11h00 Discussion

Coffee break

Settlements (1) (chairman : Alexandros Mazarakis Ainian)

12h00 Irini Lemos - David Mitchell (et al.): Pit 13 on Xeropolis (Lefkandi): unlucky for some

12h30 Claude Léderrey: Reconstructing an Iron Age settlement based on counted sherds

13h00 Vicky Vlachou: The open vessels from buildings Ι and ΙΣΤ of the Geometric settlement at Oropos

13h30 Discussion


Settlements (2) (chairman : Nota Kourou)

16h00 Stefanos Gimatzidis: Counting sherds at Sindos: pottery consumption and construction of identities in the Iron Age

16h30 Jean-Sébastien Gros: Le mobilier céramique des fouilles de Xobourgo de Tenos. Problématique, perspective, et premiers résultats de l'analyse quantitative

17h00 Emanuela Santaniello: Defining a typology of the Iron Age pottery from Gortyn (Crete)

17h30 Discussion

Coffee break

Case studies: burials and survey (chairman : Nota Kourou)

18h30 Xenia Charalambidou: The Geometric pottery from the ancient necropolis of Tsikalario on Naxos: benefits of a typological and quantitative approach

19h00 Adonis Kotsonas: Quantifying 'pots and people' in Cretan Early Iron Age tombs

19h30 Vladimir Stissi: Finding the Early Iron Age in Field Survey: two case studies from Boeotia and Magnesia

20h00 Discussion

Guest Dinner


Sunday 30


9h00 Anne Kenzelmann Pfyffer: Round table

11h00 Thierry Theurillat: Conclusion



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