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2005 fieldworks and museum studies

2005 students

  • Zoë Brandenberger, Bern University
  • Marielle Cattin, Neuchâtel University
  • Anna Laschinger, Basel University
  • Cécile Laurent, Lausanne University
  • Chloé Maquelin, La Chaux-de-Fonds HES
  • Céline Ray, Lausanne University
  • Delia Sieber, Basel University
  • Sven Straumann, Basel University
  • Samuella Zanelli, Geneva University

Aghios Nikolaos excavations (April 2005)

Fortress of Episkopi (June 2005)

West Quarter Excavations (July-August 2005)

Museum 2005

The few good moments of 2005 training

Many thanks to Sven "Nikon" Strauman and Claude Léderrey for providing most of the above pictures!

For more "scientific" information on the activities of the Swiss School in 2005, have a look at the archaeological reports published in the review Antike Kunst 2006.

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