2008 fieldworks and museum studies

2008 students

  • Guy Ackermann, Lausanne University
  • Zahra Ameli, Lausanne University
  • Jakob Baerlocher, Basel University
  • Mathilde Claeyssens, Geneva University
  • Caroline Diemand, Zurich University
  • Marc Duret, Geneva University
  • Sandra Hay, Neuchâtel University
  • Tobias Krapf, Basel University
  • Debora Oswald, Bern University
  • Laureline Pop, Lausanne University

Fieldworks on the acropolis of Eretria


The acropolis
of Eretria


Fortification BP
(before Pascal)


(after Pascal)


"pour boutiquer
faut être outillé"


Western wall
being cleaned


Eastern wall
being cleaned


An olive tree...


After a day work
(before a nap)


Pascal at work


Western wall
being cleaned


Topographical work


After the chainsaw
the DGPS


Playing with a plate on a pole


Playing with an expensive camera on a pole


A view from above


The acropolis
fortification reborn


Well, shit happens...


Where are you mate?


The fine team and the olive tree



Excavations in the West Quarter


6:00 (am)


42° (celsius)




15:00 (tea time)




Closing party

 A hobbit
and an elf...

Pô pô pô...


Find the differences


The last dance



Excavations in lot O.T.737


Looking for shadow


Guy at work


Marc & Mathilde




Zahra & Mathilde


The team


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