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Politique criminelle comparée<br>Comparative criminal policy

Professor Michael Tonry

Michael TONRY is Sonosky Professor of Law and Public Policy, Director of the Institute on Crime and Public Policy of the University of Minnesota, USA, and senior fellow in the Netherlands Institute for the study of Crime and Law Enforcement, Leiden. Formerly he was Professor of Law and Public Policy and Director of the Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge, UK. He is the editor of "Crime and Justice - A Review of Research" (36 volumes) and "Criminology in Europe", and is the author or editor of 14 other books.


Block course

This course will be given (in English) during the Autumn Semester 2013


date morning schedule
afternoon schedule room
 Monday, December 9   8.30 am to noon 1pm to 5pm  Anthropole - 2097
 Tuesday, December 10 8.30 am to noon  1pm to 5pm  Anthropole - 2097
 Wednesday, December 11   9 am to noon   Amphipôle - 189- Oulianoff



The determinants of penal policy in Western countries: This course looks at recent trends in Western countries in penal policies, practices, and patterns and looks for factors that can help us explain particular developments in particular places. Factors include national differences in political structure and constitutional arrangements, in the organization of legal institutions and processes, in the selection and career structures of officials and practitioners, and in penal, legal, and media traditions and culture. One recurring question will be, Why does or doesn't this factor have the influence in Switzerland that it does elsewhere ?



One-hour written exam than can be done in English or French :

  • Tuesday January 14th 2014, at 10 am Génopode C



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