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Ideas - ERC

ERC : Starting Grants | ERC : Advanced Grants | ERC : Support Actions

ERC : Starting Grants

  1. Richard BentonOlfactoryiGluRs
    Olfactory perception in Drosophila: analysis of a novel iGluR-related family of odorant receptors

  2. Niko GeldnerPlant - Memb - Traff
    Plant endomembrane trafficking in physiology and development

  3. Greta GuardaTranscriptionalNLRs
    NLRs as Transcriptional Regulators

  4. Henrik KaessmannSexGenTransEvolution
    Sex-biased genome and transcriptome evolution in mammals

  5. Sophie Martin BentonGeometryCellCycle
    Geometric control of the cell cycle in the fission yeast

  6. Fabio MartinonErinflammation
    Inflammatory signals emerging from the endoplasmic reticulum

  7. Mathias ThoenigGRIEVANCES
    The Economics of Grievances and Ethnic Conflicts

  8. Dietmar ZehnProtectTC
    Identify novel pathways to enhance the induction of protective CD8+ T cell responses


ERC : Advanced Grants

  1. Philippe BacchettaLIQRISK
    Liquidity and risk in macroeconomic models

  2. George CoukosAntivessel-T-Cells
    Development of vascular-disrupting Lymphocyte therapy for tumours

  3. Gian-Paolo Dotto - ECAP
    Genetic/epigenetic basis of ethnic differences in cancer predisposition

  4. Laurent Keller Social Life
    The Evolution of social life and division of labour

  5. Andreas MayerORGANELL
    Organelle homeostasis: How are membrane fission and fusion machineries coordinated to regulate size and copy number of a lysosomal compartment ?

  6. Bernard ThorensINSIGHT
    An Integrated Network of Glucose Sensing Cells in Glucose Homeostasis

  7. Andrea Volterra - Astromnesis
    The language of astrocytes: multilevel analysis to understand astrocyte communication and its role in memory-related brain operations and in cognitive behavior


ERC : Support Actions

  1. Dietmar Braun - EURECIA
    Understanding and assessing the impact and outcomes of the ERC funding schemes



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