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Welcome to EuTEACH
EuTEACH provides a unique training package 
  • EuTEACH provides three types of services for medical and other professionals active in the practice of adolescent health.
  • Training materials and resources are provided for practitioners of adolescent health care.
  • We organize a summer school every year for those interested in enhancing their skills as trainers in adolescent health care.
  • We also provide a network of professionals who can advise and support professionals who want to develop adolescent health training facilities in their home countries.
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Network of Trainers
EuTEACH Member Meeting 2013
Save the dates
  • The 2015 EuTEACH Summer School will be held July 5-10th. If you want to be in the mailing list, send an email to
EuTEACH Summer School 2015
Comment from past participant
  • "It was very useful to have the opportunity to pass this course. I have learnt many new approaches, skills, tools, how to teach (theoretical and practical as well)."
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