Cardiovascular Assessment Facility - CAF


The Cardiovascular Assessment Facility (CAF) has been created to offer to the scientific community sophisticated techniques for the physiological assessment of the cardiovascular system in rodents.

Specifically, the CAF provides investigators with the latest equipment for cardiovascular imaging, in particular a high-resolution in vivo micro-imaging system (Vevo 770,
Visualsonics), allowing determination of cardiac dimensions and performance. The CAF is also equipped for the functional evaluation of the cardiovascular system, such as measurement of blood pressure and heart rate.

In addition, the CAF offers a microsurgery service for producing pathophysiological models (transaortic constriction, myocardial infarction, renovascular hypertension etc.). Scientific support is provided for the design of experimental protocols as well as for the development of new techniques for the investigation of the cardiovascular system.


Corinne Berthonneche



Tél: +41 21 314 68 86

Alexandre Sarre



Tél: +41 21 314 79 77


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