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FBM Research Day 2011

January 27, 2011
César-Roux Auditorium-CHUV

Originally created to encourage communication between CHUV researchers,
the traditional CHUV RESEARCH DAY has over the years resolutely seen its mission
broadened to include the entire Lausanne Biology and Medicine research community.

On the occasion of its 10th edition, the denomination of this annual event
has become the FBM RESEARCH DAYand focused on the following theme:

"Cardiovascular & Metabolic Disorders".

We would like to thank everyone who shared this day with us!


Scientific Committee
Eric Eeckhout – CAR/CHUV
Lucia Mazzolai - ANG/CHUV
Liliane Michalik – CIG/UNIL
François Pralong – FBM & EDM/CHUV
Ivan Stamenkovic – FBM & IPA/CHUV
Gérard Waeber – MIA/CHUV

Poster Jury
Dominique Burri, IMU/CHUV
Vincent Croset, CIG/UNIL
Cynthia Dayer, IPA/CHUV
Anne Planche, IPA/CHUV

FBM Organizing

Zadria Berzin
Nathalie Magnenat
Jovan Mirkovitch
Anne Tricot



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