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Flow Cytometry Facility - FCF

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The Flow Cytometry Facility (FCF) is primarily located within the Ludwig Centre for Cancer Research (LICR@UNIL) at the Centre of Immunology and Infection of Lausanne (CIIL). A smaller unit can be found at the Bugnon site in the Orthopedic Hospital.

The Facility provides a cell sorting service (currently up to 12 parameters) in Epalinges, and also has a number of multi-color (up to 20 parameters) analytical machines available for use at both sites. Training in the use of these machines, as well as practical and theoretical advice for staining protocols are available for techniques such as multi-color analysis, cell cycle analysis, Ca2+ flux and FRET. A high throughput system (HTS) for screening is also available in Epalinges.


Anne Wilson



Tél: +41 21 692 59 71



Portfolio (PDF)

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