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Genomic Technologies Facility  - GTF

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The Genomic Technologies Facility (GTF) is a service laboratory with the mission to provide the Lemanic region scientific research community access to state-of-the-art instrumentation and methods for measuring quantitative and qualitative variations in nucleic acids. To this end, the GTF supports a number of different technologies with a broad range of analytical applications.

The GTF, which is located in the Genopode Building on the UNIL’s Dorigny campus, provides users with all the necessary laboratory and bioinformatics infrastructure required for the use of its technologies.


Keith Harshman

Genomic Technologies Facility



Tél: +41 21 692 39 06

GTF Portfolio (PDF)

Communiqué de presse (PDF)


Rue du Bugnon 21 - CH-1011 Lausanne  - Suisse  -  Tél. +41 21 692 50 00  -  Fax +41 21 692 50 05
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