Photos de la Journée de Recherche du CHUV 2009

Presentation of the 2009 Research Day - Professor Ivan Stamenkovic, Vice Dean for Research
Professor Nouria Hernandez CIG-UNIL with her talk "RNA polymerase III transcription: from fundamental mechanisms to syndrom"
Coffee & Posters...& Animated conversations
CHUV-Short talk: Murielle Bochud, IMSP. "Evidence of a causal association between C-reactive protein and adiposity in women."
CHUV-Short talk: Carlo Rivolta, Génétique médicale. "Identification of a new retinitis pigmentosa mutation by classical and ultra-high throughput sequencing."
CHUV-Short talk: Elodie Roggli, DBCM. "Alterations in microRNA expression contribute to cytokine-induced pancreatic β-cell dysfunction".
CHUV-Short talk: Mario Suva, Institut de Pathologie. "Identification of cancer stem cells in Ewing's sarcoma."
CHUV-Short talk: Pascal Seyer, Dép. Physiology CIG. "Liver-SpecifiC Glut2 gene inactivation: influence on glucose and lipid metabolism."
CHUV-Short talk: Angelos Constantinou Dép. de Biochimie. "Remodeling of DNA replication structures by the branchpoint translocase FANCM."
Dr Inês Barroso, Metabolic Disease Group Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Cambridge, UK with her talk: "Genome-wide Association Studies of body mass and glucose related traits - what have we found and where are we going?"
Ventre affamé n'a point d'oreilles...
so, Lunch,
& coffee,
& Posters.
Dr Pardis Sabeti, Department of Organismic & Evolutionary Biology Harvard FAS Center for Systems Biology, USA with her talk: "Natural selection in humans and pathogens"
CHUV-Short talk : Millán Ortiz, Institut de Microbiologie CHUV "Evolutionary Pattern of Host Genes Involved in HIV Infection and Pathogenesis."

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