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quantitative Mass Spectrometry Facility - qMSF

Please fill the following form concerning your needs in metabolomics analyses at UNIL-CHUV.


Bertrand Rochat
Head of qMSF platform

Bernard Thorens
For the Metabolomic Steering Committee


Since 2003, the quantitative Mass Spectrometry Facility (qMSF) located at the CHUV is available to all biomedical investigators, but mainly researchers from the Faculty of Biology and Medicine (FBM).

Its goal is to assist users in basic, clinical and biomedical research in the development of routine and diagnostic applications.

Its technology allows quantitative identification and analysis of small molecules (i.e. drugs), endogenous substances, hormones or even peptides.



Bertrand Rochat




Tél: +41 21 314 41 58


Portfolio (PDF)

Poster (PDF)

Examples of quantitative and qualitative analyses performed at qMSF (PDF)


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