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Transbugnon Translational Seminars

These seminars take place in alternation with the Transbugnon seminars and are intended to bridge the gap between fundamental and clinical research.

Programme for 2012

Tuesday 10 January
Eamonn R. MAHER (invited by Prof. Ivan Stamenkovic)
Medical and Molecular Genetics, University of Birmingham, UK
Genetics of Kidney Cancer: Insights from Rare Diseases
Auditorium Auguste Tissot, CHUV at 12:00

Tuesday 17 January
Ian TOMLINSON (invited by Prof. Ivan Stamenkovic)
Molecular and Population Genetics, University of Oxford, UK
Selection of mutations that cause colorectal cancer: genotype + environment = phenotype
Auditorium Auguste Tissot, CHUV at 12:00

Tuesday 17 April
David N. LOUIS (invited by Prof. Ivan Stamenkovic)
Pathology, Massachusetts General Hospital, U.S.A.
Molecular markers in malignant gliomas : a practical update
Auditorium Auguste Tissot, CHUV at 12:00

Tuesday 29 May
Stéphane THORE
Department of Molecular Biology, UNIGE
3’-end uridylation of RNA: a structural perspective
Auditorium Auguste Tissot, CHUV at 12:00 

Tuesday 19 June
Charles KELLER (invited by Prof. Ivan Stamenkovic)
Family Pediatric Research Institute, Department of Pediatrics, Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, USA
Tumor Cell of Origin defines response to Oncogene-targeted epigenetic therapies
Auditorium Auguste Tissot, CHUV at 12:00




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