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Dr. Matusz's symposium selected for IMRF2014.
Dr. Thelen's symposium selected for IMRF2014
Lena Pasquier defends her medical thesis
Mr. Michael Notter joins the LINE
  • as a research assistant in April 2014 under the supervision of Dr. Geiser and Prof. Murray.
Italian Health Ministry grant to Dr. Ionta
  • Dr. Ionta is an international collaborator on the project entitled, "Combined behavioural and non invasive brain stimulation interventions for treating body image distortions in Anorexia Nervosa".
Antonia Thelen defends her PhD thesis
  • Earning perfect marks for here thesis, "Multisensory integration and perceptual enhancement". Antonia now heads off for a post-doc fellowship with Prof. Mark Wallace (Vanderbilt University, USA).
Dr. Domenica Bueti gives TedX talk

Welcome to the Laboratory for Investigative Neurophysiology at the University Hospital of Lausanne (CHUV), Switzerland.

Our group investigates spatio-temporal brain dynamics of sensory and cognitive functions mainly by means of electrical neuroimaging in healthy and clinical populations. Our principal domains of research include all of the major sensory systems as well as multisensory processing, food perception and electrical neuroimaging methods development.


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Latest Publications
van Atteveldt, Murray, Thut, Schroeder (2014) Neuron
Rossetti et al. Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology
  • "Automated auditory mismatch negativity paradigm improves coma prognostic accuracy after cardiac arrest and therapeutic hypothermia"
Bueti & Buonomano, Timing and Time Perception
  • "Temporal perceptual learning"
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