The Workshops
- level B1 to C2 -

The aim of the Workshops is to present the students with a different way of learning the French language, in a more specific frame.

Starting on the Monday of the second week the students who are in the intermediate to advanced classes (B1 to C2 according to the Global scale of the European Language Portfolio), will take part in a workshop every day from 11.15 am to midday (ten 45 minute periods in each course session). The students can choose between 4 different workshops:
- Business French
- Media French
- Literature
- Translation
To enrol in the Workshops each student fills out a request form and the workshops are organised according to the levels and wishes of the students. Obviously, it is not always possible to answer all the requests, for example if only three students wish to take part in the Literature workshop, their second choice will be taken into account.

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