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Diploma in French as a Foreign Language - 120 ECTS credits

This diploma is intended for students whose culture and/or language of reference is not French (upper secondary school leaving certificate obtained in a non French-speaking country or territory).

This diploma worth 120 ECTS credits is awarded on completion of a full-time course of two years (about twenty hours per week). It offers extensive training in French as a foreign language (FFL) in its language-related and cultural dimensions and provides the theoretical knowledge in literature, linguistics and didactics necessary for achieving proficiency in this field (Francophone literature, sociolinguistics of French, teaching the literature and the language, etc.).

The students who choose this Diploma course intend to deepen their knowledge in the field of FFL. They aim in particular to teach FFL in a non French-speaking country or region, or they want to complete their training in French received abroad.

They must have academic qualifications entitling them to register with the University of Lausanne. However, students who do not satisfy the conditions for admission to the University of Lausanne may be admitted if they pass a Preliminary Exam organised by the School of French as a Foreign Language.

N.B. The Diploma awarded by the School of French as a Foreign Language cannot be used as a component of the Bachelor of Arts degree.

Study Plan Diplôme FLE 2013  Structure  Date 
pdf PE_diplomeFLE_2013_1.pdf (166 Kb)  pdf Structure_dipl13.pdf (69 Kb)  13.09.13 
Study Plan Diplôme FLE 2005  Date 
pdf PE_diplomeFLE_2005_2.pdf (1117 Kb)  13.09.13 

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