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Master of Arts

Main or Secondary Discipline | Complementary Discipline II - 2nd part

Main or Secondary Discipline

The programme of the Master of Arts Degree in French as a Foreign Language covers two areas: French as a language and French and Francophone culture. The study of both areas is obligatory, but their respective weights may vary according to the students' own choice.

The first area consists of subjects related to linguistics, with a focus on the study of the language-related practices of French speakers and reflections on French as a language, etc. Other subjects taught concern the didactics of French, its learning, the contexts in which contact with French occurs, etc.

The second area concerns French and French-speaking culture in all of their discursive manifestations. The subjects that constitute this second area are related to French and Francophone literature as well as cultural and literary history, or they deal with various cultural phenomena and themes.

This Master's degree programme is intended for non French-speaking students whose upper secondary school leaving certificate was obtained in a non French-speaking country or territory. The teaching is conceived for students whose knowledge of French is at C1 level in the terminology of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Complementary Discipline II - 2nd part

This study plan follows the study plan entitled French as a Foreign Language, Complementary Discipline 1st part, of the Bachelor of Arts degree.

Only students with a Bachelor of Arts degree including French as a Foreign Language as a complementary discipline (1st part) are allowed to include this plan in their Master of Arts degree.


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