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The Literary Journal 'Persil'

December 2007 issue

The December 2007 issue of the literary journal "Persil", directed by Marius Daniel Popescu in Lausanne, presents a series of contributions by students (both French-speaking and non French-speaking) who participated in the creative writing workshop offered as a module by EFLE during the 2006-2007 academic year and directed by Anne-Lise Delacrétaz.

Foreword by Anne-Lise Delacrétaz MER, Senior Lecturer

The issue of Persil that you have before you presents some of the works produced by the students (mostly French-speaking) who participated in a creative writing workshop organised by the School of French as a Foreign Language (EFLE) of the University of Lausanne, during the 2006-2007 academic year. My aim? I wanted the participants to seek, invent and find a personal and (a reasonably) "non academic" way of writing that is different from the types of texts they are called upon to write during their studies: written seminars, dissertations and research papers. Why? Because I am certain that anyone who is confronted with a blank page (or screen) becomes, if not a writer, at least an increasingly perceptive reader...

What do the sessions of this workshop entail? Firstly, we ask ourselves what it is that marks the specificity of a genre, a form, a literary style, according to different readings: Michel Leiris' self-portrait in L'Age d'Homme, the monologue in the first pages of Aragon's Aurélien, or Sarraute's memories of childhood in Enfance, for example. Secondly, the students move on to "hands-on" work. They begin to write, in the classroom, a self-portrait, an interior monologue and memories of their own childhood. Thirdly, each student reads his or her own text aloud, after working on it at home, and thus submits it to a peer appraisal.

I had the surprise, which I'm sure you will have too, of discovering texts that are sometimes rather hastily composed, but are more often out of the ordinary, rich in imagination, although at times presumptuous and... perhaps even hackneyed. These texts were rarely lacking in humour (usually good, but sometimes frankly gruesome), and they invariably contain a number of spelling mistakes, which makes me rail against our own times, when everything tends to get out of control, especially, in French, the agreement of the past participle with the auxiliary verb avoir (to have). Errors of syntax were corrected, as you will see... But the publication of a "best of" selection in Marius Popescu's journal gave the students the encouragement they needed to finish off texts that, otherwise, would have remained unfinished. And, a journal whose name is inspired by a plant - persil, parsley - would certainly seem to be the ideal vehicle for budding writers, don't you agree?


Représentations de l'espace: lieux, déplacements et translations
"Un hamac en forêt", par Daniel Vuataz
"J'arrive, peut-être", par Maelle Tappy
"Journal de voyage", par Yukiko Sato
"Un caillou, un enfant", par Bertrand Audrin
"Sous-marin jaune dans les bas-fonds", par Daniel Vuataz

Figurations de soi: autoportraits, souvenirs et monologues intérieurs
"Un et un, deux,...", par Maelle Tappy
"Autocritique", par Bertrand Nicollier
"Le prolongement de moi", par Jessica Monney
"Ça Valais la peine", par Séverine André
"Pensées d'un autre âge", par Annika Lequet
"Songes d'une nuit d'hiver", par Pierre Hecktsweiler
"Solution finale", par Nastasia Faivre
"Polycarbonate et vieilles dentelles", par Séverine André
"La faim justifie les pensées", par Joëlle Wölfli

Figurations de l'autre: portraits et tranches de vie
"Il est né, un jour, là-bas", par Maelle Tappy
"Une vie", par Yukiko Sato
"Le père du père de ma mère", par Joelle de Meyer
"Nonna", par Julie Marrel
"Teddy Baer", par Joelle Wölfli
"Barbie", par Bertrand Audrin

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