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Lire en 3D

Denise Cordonier et Martine Nicollerat (University of Lausanne), Andromaqi Haloci, Vasilika Kola, Irena Kolaneci et Daniel Xhoxhaj (University of Tirana)

At the end of a working relationship lasting several years, four teachers of the De-partment of French of the University of Tirana and two teachers of EFLE present Read-ing in 3D. This work published by Intercommunications & E.M.E (Éditions Modulaires Européennes) is intended for polyvalent use in the first year courses of FFL in Tirana as well as for independent study at EFLE.

The title Reading in 3D or "Reading in three dimensions" was chosen, as it is the authors' ambition, starting from the comprehension of authentic texts, to stimulate the users to write their own personal texts with a use of language that is as correct as possible. The activities proposed cover four textual practices: narration, description, explanation and argumentation. They also propose an itinerary through the French-speaking world, as the chosen documents allow the reader to enter into various cultural environments.

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