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A Country Wedding

The students of the EFLE course entitled "From Theatrical Improvisation to Writing" presented in the 2007 Summer semester Un mariage à la campagne (A Country Wed-ding), a theme proposed by Helen Pfersich.

The piece was written, performed and staged by the group as a whole: Hélène Pfersich, Maria Flood, Tania Scaglione, Rika Yamada, Norie Wakabayshi, Arianda Zeka, Daniel Dolci, Makiko Yoshigai, Khaled Machaan, Marike Van Beurden, Joanna Tutko, Karen Redd Perey, Agnieska Badynska, Cristina Tinarelli, Alexandra Ojeda, Xiao Song, Dai Bui, Mariana Krejniuk, Stephan Holenstein, Cordula Hachler, Rea Frigyik, Fabio Pederiva, Andrea Mason.

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